Team Sponsorship Development Program



When you consider the cost of building a new car, an engine, maybe a test session, even a transmission –  think about how much it cost you every weekend to go to the races – here is the bottom line – PRESENTING YOUR TEAM TO A PROSPECTIVE SPONSOR IS THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE!


There are literally hundreds of sponsors out there, many within 250 miles of your hometown – all you have to do is show them why your racing program is a great opportunity for their advertising dollars.


NASCAR Nationwide Series, Truck Series, K&N Pro Series, ARCA Series, Late Model Touring Series... if you have a team that you take pride in running - you can get sponsors right now!


We have a PROVEN RECORD of making things happen. We've heard all the stories of so called "marketing people", don't be fooled - Tim Bainey Jr is good at what he does and his track record with managing successful partnerships IS PROOF OF IT!


If you follow our program and let us work with you - you will see the results within months of getting started!


We are going to limit this program to a small number of teams for 2013 - so don't wait! If you have done what it takes to get to the level you are at - then you need to take that last step in putting it all together. And we need to get working on things now if you want to be ready for 2013!


Package Includes;

Full Sponsorship Consultation

·   We give you the rundown on how it works

·   We advise you on the absolute necessities of operating a “Sponsor Friendly” Team

Sponsorship Presentation Package –

  • We discuss your team, you history, your current position and your goals. We generate a plan, incorporate it into an overall explanation of how your team will fit into potential advertising agendas

  • We provide Custom Designed Sponsor Programs for your team, we work with you to target specific brands or corporations and WE MAKE THE CALLS to Potential Clients

  • WE handle the meetings, the negotiations, even the contract layouts and terms

Team Public Relations & Website

  • We provide you with everything needed to operate a top level PR Team

  • A Complete Professionally Designed Website (Includes Domain Registration, Hosting, and Email Account Setup)

    • Includes Bi-Monthly Updates for 1 Year

  • Assistance in Developing and Releasing Press Releases

  • Assistance in the design of everything from Uniforms, Vinyl Wraps, Autograph Cards, Promotional Posters, and more




If you’re ready to get on track to developing your sponsorship potential – Email Us HERE or call 1.814.280.3681 and someone will get back to you within the next 48 hours! We look forward to working with you!


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